About Us

Our Founder and CEO

Mr. Ronnie Co started PPC from scratch in 2002. With determination and grit, he was able to build this to a multi-billion empire engaged in the automotive industry, real estate, logistics and material recovery of carbon black.

He is a man with a deep understanding of business and the different challenges that has to be surpassed in order to be successful. He takes smart risk in order to be a cut above the rest, to be a maverick and visionary in the businesses he operates in.

He believes that everything starts with the right mindset and clarity of purpose. The commitment to excellence and a clear vision proved to be his winning formula to success.

“Success is not defined by what you have achieved but more on the way that this was done and the lives you have positively affected” – Ronnie Co

Our Corporate Philosophy

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. But in order for these dreams to come to fruition, one must be guided by a vision that will be instrumental in driving the company to do its best.

At PPC Group, the clarity of our vision is dictated by our primary objective, which is to significantly contribute to the automotive, motorcycle, and transport sectors of the Philippines in our own way, together with our mission to bring in the best products available to the market that embody earth-conscious traits and the least amount of carbon footprint.

A team of passionate professionals working in a performance-centric culture drives us and constantly shapes us to become more results-driven. As such, we constantly challenge the rules of the game because we dislike predicting the future. Rather, we want to dictate the future and thereby introduce trend-setting products and services that will make us innovators in the industry.

In principle, we adhere to the idea of changing ourselves first before even trying to change the industry. We like to differentiate ourselves with our strong competitive advantage and clear value distinctions, thus fulfilling our fiscal responsibility to our valued stakeholders, our principals and trade partners, who have continuously supplied us with invaluable top-tier engineered products that are highly appreciated by our trade partners, deliver great value, and ultimately earn the consumer’s seal of approval.

The PPC Story

The PPC Group is a conglomerate whose humble beginnings date back to 1998, with business interests in retail, leasing, packaging, import, and distribution of fast-moving consumer goods.

The year 2002 saw the most significant change in the company after it saw the potential of the automotive aftermarket industry. Private Products Corporation was initially conceived to handle the import and distribution of tires. Later on, the import and distribution of automotive aftersales products, specifically tires, was shifted to PPC Asia Corp. (formerly Tyrebest Corporation) in 2006. Several other products, like batteries and lubricants, were then added to complete the product line-up, allowing PPC Asia to grow in market share and dominate the field.

Since that year, PPC Asia Corp. has steadily and exponentially grown into a vibrant, dominant, and diverse importer and distributor of automotive replacement parts in the Philippine market. PPC Asia Corp. became known in the industry for importing, distributing, and retailing renowned brands of tires, batteries, and lubricants.

The rise of PPC Asia’s dominance in the automotive parts replacement industry meant a need to get things done at a more accurate and faster pace. An in-house logistics services company, PPC Logistics Corporation, provides the best solution to meet the demands of the expanding market.

The company’s efforts to provide high-quality products and superior service to our clients, dealers, and partners are communicated within the company to ensure alignment of goals that translate to a more fluid business process.

Corporate Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To provide our automotive and transport sectors with superior, dependable, and cost-effective products for a safer transportation system in the country

Our Vision

To become the nexus of forces to truly make a remarkable difference in our sphere of influence, to achieve a dominant market position, to create unique value, and to attain total control of our future in the best interest of our stakeholders

Our Core Values

At PPC, we strive to be guided in all that we do by our PPC PRIDE:

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